About Us

Family Fun

Mother and Daughter Duo, Mary Beth, and Jasmine Snow know about two things, dance, and baking. Their main goal of Wiggle and Whisk is to bring the fun that they create and offer it to you and your family. With over 38 years of owning and running the Ocean City Dance Place, Mary Beth Snow brings the passion of moving and grooving right to any device in your home. Jasmine, an New York City fashion stylist and mother of two, still finds time to bring out her entrepreneurial side to create multiple businesses out of her passions. Baking has been something the whole family enjoys all year long, creating some outrageous masterpieces.

Bake, dance, anything these ladies get into will have you shaking, baking, and most importantly, laughing the whole time you do it. Join them and learn some amazing skills that you can share with your family and put smiles on faces where ever you go.


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